What is it for?

The Fast Light Cage is an upgrade for your bike. It replaces the original rear derailleur cage while decreasing the risk of breakage as it is made entirely of aerospace aluminum.

Why such large wheels?

The 14 and 18 tooth sprockets serve to increase chain tension and thus give smoother and more precise shifting.

Why is the cage so big?

The structure of the Fast Light Cage protects both the lower sprocket and the chain from shocks.

Does the chain need to be changed?

Most of our customers have not changed the chain. At most, they lengthened it by two links.

For which models is it compatible?

The Fast Light Cage is compatible for Sram Eagle 12v and Shimano XT/XTR 12v. Both electronic and mechanical.

Has the cage been tested?

The Sram Fast Light Cage was tested by the Abetone Gravity Team, Mirco Vendemmia and Nadine Ellecosta, Italian Enduro MTB 202.1 Champions While the Shimano one by the BH Enduro Racing Team and Karim Amour. Both cages were used during the Enduro World Series.

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